Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Greeting

Name: Mark Gervais
Graduating Year:1998
Occupation: Animator/motion graphics/Illustrator

A flash holiday project by an ACAD grad and former instructor.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Spectrum 16 - deadline January 23, 2009

American Photography 25 - deadline January 23, 2009
American Illustration 28 - deadline February 20, 2009

3x3 Illustration Magazine
Student Show - deadline February 14, 2009
Pro Show - deadline March 14, 2009
Children's Book Show - April 14, 2009

Communication Arts Illustration- deadline March 6, 2009
Communication Arts Photography - deadline March 6, 2009
Communication Arts Design- deadline June 1, 2009
Communication Arts Advertising- deadline June 1, 2009

Applied Arts- Call for entry still to come

Monday, December 8, 2008

Michael Matejko

Student Profile - 4th year Design Student ACAD

It's the journey not the destination that is most important - if you want to get anywhere worth getting. This truism is shown in design major Michael Matejko's process book for Delta Science Force. It is a journey worth following, not only for the process and results, but for the enjoyable 'Geek Chic' narrative he uses to guide the reader. Linked below is a pdf file of the process book, it's a 5mb file, but well worth a look.

Click below to view the pdf process book:

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Name: Zahra Al-Harazi
Graduating Year: 2002
Occupation: Creative Director, Cofounder of Foundry Creative

Zahra is among ACAD alumni who have won awards this past year. Her company Foundry Creative has received awards from
Graphis 2009, Applied Arts 2008, Communication Arts 2008, Mohawk Show 9, How, Ad Rodeo, Black Book AR100 and Oilweek awards.

Here is a list of some of the other alumni awards:

Applied Arts 2008 - Design and Advertising Awards
Joel Arbez – 1 Award in Advertising
Zahra Al Harazi – 3 Awards in Design
Phil Copithorne – 1 Award in Advertising
Xerxes Irani – 1 Award in Design
Jason Stang (Faculty) – 2 Awards in Photography
Todd Blevins (Faculty) – 2 Awards in Advertising
Rita Sasges (Faculty) – 2 Awards in Design

Graphis – 2009 Annual Reports
Zahra Al Harazi – Gold Winner

Society of Illustrators 51 (New York)
Byron Eggenschwiler
Douglas Fraser
Eddie Guy
Renata Liwska
Jillian Tamaki
Sam Weber

3x3 Magazine 2008 Illustration Annual
Eddie Guy
Douglas Jones
Mike Kerr (Faculty)
Karen Klassen
Renata Liwska
Rick Sealock
Brad Yeo

Applied Arts 2008 Illustration Annual
Renata Liwska
Karen Klassen
Rick Sealock

Communication Arts 48
Doug Fraser
Karen Klassen
Genevieve Simms
Jillian Tamaki
Sam Weber

American Illustration 27
Eddie Guy
Karen Klassen
Jillian Tamaki
Jeremy Tankard (Printmaking grad)
Sam Weber

Spectrum 15
Sam Weber - Gold Award Winner

Original Art (Society of Illustrators New York)
2008 Best Children's Books

Renata Liwska (Little Panda)

Ignatz Awards (Small Press Comics Awards)
Jillian Tamaki (Skim)

Applied Arts Student Awards 2008
Katrina Oelke/Barbara Sotiropolous (Advertising)
Matt Luckhurst (Design)
Sander Henriksen (Illustration)
Brennan Kelly (Illustration)
Anne Watson (Illustration)
Edward Kwong (Illustration)
Jason Blower (Illustration)
Kimberly Smith (Illustration)
Geoffrey Fehr (Photography)
Michael Langfeldt (Photopgraphy)
Charise Folnovic (Photography)