Monday, April 29, 2013

Kelsey Hughes

Art Direction is the heading on Kelsey's website and where she's no doubt heading now that she's finished art college.

I sometimes wonder if the title 'Art Director' is descriptive of what an art director really does? Something like 'Art Collaborator' would be more to the point. This is supported in Kelsey's work, she does great work by teaming up with people that also do great work - seems pretty simple really.

Check out more of her work:

Student Check-In from Kelsey Hughes on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nikki Stephens

On her website Nikki's 411 (I had to look that up - it means info) states "My passions lie in typography, layout, + branding." Based on her work, that is clearly evident. I think you could also add colour, energy, and collaboration (cat's too). 

Her portfolio already features several published projects showing her experience has already moved beyond that of an art college student. 

Check out her work here :

Friday, April 26, 2013

Scott Tronnes

ACAD has traditionally been a school dedicated to print. But just as the way students consume visual communication is changing, so too are the way students are distributing that content. While Scott's work shows a bit of retro-seventies influence in color and form, it is strongly grounded in the today. Through his exploration of motion graphics, animation, e-book design, and web.

See more of Scott's work at his site:
VOID from Scott Tronnes on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Maria Stoian

Maria was one of the most colourful students in this years graduating class. She was an energetic force who was excited about exploring visual communication in how you do it as well as why. Her projects touched on a gamut of visual mediums including comics, graphic design, and web. As expected with student work, she explored the craft and creative methodology of these mediums but she also seemed to often question the underlying purpose and use of the media.  A particular theme in her work that comes to mind, is illustration as a method for social discussion or protest.

Visit her website at:

Another link to check out is:

For this project Maria teamed up with another student Macy Hippsley to explore how people interact with an image.

Class of 2013 Portfolio Show

Tonight is the annual portfolio show. We have another great graduating class, it was one of my personal favourites (OK, they are all my personal favourites). But this year was a super great bunch. Some folks have asked me to resurrect After Art College and post about them, which I am happy to do. So I will be talking about as many of our recent grads as I can over the next few weeks.