Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brett McEwen

The Longest War Trailer from Brett McEwen on Vimeo.

ACAD alumni Brett McEwen is premiering his film "The Longest War" on Saturday Sept 25 at The Calgary International Film Festival. He produced and directed this documentary about the struggle of the Karen people in Burma (Myanmar). The film was written and filmed by journalist Nelson Rand. Originally from Calgary, Mr. Rand recently returned from Thailand to recover from injuries sustained from being shot while covering the Red Shirt Uprising in Bangkok that occurred earlier this year.

About the film:
The fight for an independent homeland automatically brings to mind the bitter and bloody clashes in places like Tibet, Palestine and even Quebec; but few will be familiar with the plight of the Karen of Burma, and their hard-fought battle for a Karen State in eastern Burma since 1949. Filmmaker Brett McEwen and cinematographer Nelson Rand risk life and limb documenting the world’s “longest war,” and bear witness to war crimes, human rights abuses and the destruction and murder of entire villages as the brutal military regime of Burma seeks to eradicate members of the Karen National Liberation Army and its supporters. This is a raw, first-hand account of a people struggling to free themselves from oppression in an area of the world most Canadians can’t find on a map.

Showtime: Saturday, Sept 25, 2:15 pm At Eau Claire Market - Cineplex Odeon - #2
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aaron Leighton

ACAD Alumni Aaron Leighton has an interesting looking new book out from Koyama Press.

Check it out here: