Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ryan Davis

Graduation year: 2007
Occupation: Graphic Designer

How did you go about getting your job at Circa?
Before Graduating, I began researching where I wanted to work. I ended up coming across a website called which posts jobs all within the action sports industry. I signed up and started applying for jobs online. It took me a couple of months before anything came up. I came home and had received a message from my current boss, Jamie Kanes, saying that she wanted to have a phone interview with me about a position they had open. I called her back. The phone interview went well, and Jamie said she would look into flying me down for another interview. One thing led to another, and a month later, I was living in California.

What was the objective with these particular images?
The direction for these ads came about with the new team that Circa was putting together for our Combat division. The Combat division is the "core" division that is marketed to sell only to local skate shops. The team is stacked with five gnarly kids who are all absolutely out of their minds, literally! The creative director's goal with these ads was to reflect the rider's crazy personalities and to have these ads stand out from the rest of the ones that are currently being produced. I was given a lot of freedom to do what I wanted to do. The only limitation given was the resources I was able to use. My creative director said to me "Ryan, these need to be BAD!" I was like awesome; I guess all the bad marks in school finally paid off.

What was the process for developing them?
The process used for these ads was inspired by the simplicity of DIY punk flyers from the 80's. The goal was to use a simplistic raw approach by only using the bare essentials. My process is similar to the way you would present things to your teacher in school. I have three concepts to show; one is chosen and then from there, it is refined to a final. All concepts are presented as 'cut and paste' compositions using a photocopier, scissors, and the colors Kinko's had available at that time.

Any particular ways art school has helped/contributed to your current work?
The tedious 1st and 2nd year cut paper projects that everyone thinks are a waste of time have paid off for me. I loved 2nd yr. The idea of craft is key to any project. How you perceive it is up to you. School is basically a safe ground for experimenting, learning how to experiment and finding ways to process your thoughts through experimentation. I think as long as you bring this process with you to any project, you will do fine.

Any advice to students on how they can end up doing cool stuff like this?
Do not be afraid to take chances, especially in school! Your grades mean nothing when it's all said and done. Approach every project, good or bad, with the same attitude and energy, something good will come of it.

Looking back, any advice to students?
Research, experiment and have fun!

Anyone you would like to thank?
I would like to thank Jamie Kanes for hiring me, Randy Ronquillo my art director for keeping things grounded and pushing the limits, Dennet Oyanguren my creative director for being completely more crazy then myself, Terrance Kinsella the person who introduced me to art college, and all the teachers who have helped me along the way. Thanks.

Credits on image:
Creative Director: Dennet Oyanguren
Art Director: Randy Ronquillo
Photographer: Broach
Designer: Ryan Davis