Monday, February 22, 2010

Lionel Cipriano

Lionel is a member of this years graduating class from the Visual Communications Design department at ACAD.

This is Lionel's bio from his website,

Lionel Cipriano's simple and minimal design aesthetic has taken him to his 4th year at the Alberta College of Art and Design and he’ll be graduating this spring of 2010 with a Bachelor of Design. His OCD-like attention to detail is heavily influenced by the clean simplicity of Swiss design and love for typography. When he's not pursuing his degree, he stays busy with freelance work on the side, conveying his passion for design as he believes that design is a tool which can enhance the quality of life and accessibility for everyone in our society--design shouldn’t just be pretty to look at, it should communicate a message and connect with its audience. Recently, he had the opportunity to work in New York City for the fashion publication, NYLON magazine.

This experience was a definite change from his humble beginnings in Calgary, as in New York he was placed in the middle of an overwhelmingly fast-paced environment where he was constantly busy working. Nonetheless, he enjoyed his experience in the Big Apple and recall his most memorable moment: sitting down with the creative director of GQ Magazine, legend Fred Woodward; having him review his portfolio, while listening to Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah…was an amazing privilege. As he continues on his creative journey, he hopes to infuse New York’s eclectic design sensibilities with his current style.
Visit his website to see more of his work: