Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 Applied Arts Student Awards Winners

Congratulations to the ACAD students selected for inclusion in this years Student Awards Annual.

The students are Eran Cantrell, Lionel Cipriano, Morgan Curley, Amanda Kadatz, Gry Elise Nyland, Aaron Rinas, and Allison Toohey.

Here is the official announcement: http://www.appliedartsmag.com/blog/?p=2176

Character Design grad Eran Cantrell - http://www.eranfolio.com/

Visual Communications Design student Morgan Curley - http://morgancurley.com/

Character Design grad Amanda Kadatz - http://www.magnusink.ca/

Design grad Lionel Capriano - http://www.lionelcipriano.com/

Photography grad Gry Elise Nyland's - http://www.gryelisenyland.com/

Design grad Allison Toohey - http://www.allisontoohey.com/