Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lincoln Agnew

icture Book illustrator Lincoln Agnew has two degree's from ACAD, one in Photography and another in Design. He also has two books (not including several in development). Both books follow the adventures of Harry and Horsie and feature a unique retro comic book style that combines old fashioned comic books with a graphic design/screen printing aesthetic related to Lincoln's experience in t-shirt and poster design.

Praise for HARRY AND HORSIE: "Young boys and space adventurers will adore this captivating, exuberant, and contagious tale." — KIRKUS REVIEWS (STARRED REVIEW) Praise for HARRY AND HORSIE: "With dashing visuals that capture Harry's deep-space adventure with verve to spare, and a comforting resolution, this has potential to be a bedtime favorite." — ALA BOOKLIST Praise for HARRY AND HORSIE: "A delightful story with even more delightful illustrations. Agnew's art is wonderfully retro-modern - like what the future looked like in, say, comic books of the '50s" — NEW YORK POST Agnew's high-energy, retro look makes a dashing complement to Van Camp's hyperpowered flight of fancy. — BOOKLIST

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 A trailor made by Lincoln to promote the latest book Cookiebot!