Thursday, October 23, 2008

Geoff McFetridge

Graduating Year: 1993
Occupation : Designer/Illustrator

It's exciting to see a unique and striking image. It's more exciting yet, to see it used in a unique and striking way. An example is this modular wallpaper system designed by Geoff McFetridge. Visit the Pottok Prints blog for more information and images:

Not unlike his work, Geoff has a clean and clear way with words. There are quite a few good interviews on his site. This is a excellent quote from Geoff describing his objectives in creating an image: If you understand this poster you understand me. And really this poster is about us understanding each other.

A funny story, for me at least, we were visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lodz, Poland expecting to get a taste of Eastern European avant garde and were surprised (pleasantly) to see Geoff's work in an exhibition titled 'Beautiful Losers'. A great show by the way.