Monday, February 23, 2009

Genevieve Simms

Graduating Year: 2006
Occupation: Illustrator

Fast Forward and by association the readers of the weekly newspaper in Calgary have been extremely lucky to have many covers, and many more interior pages illuminated by the illustrations of Genevieve Simms. She's been doing them ever since she graduated from the Character Design program at ACAD.
And character is a good word to use as a descriptor of her work, Genevieve's work is filled with unique and quirky personalities and personality.

It comes to mind that alternative weeklies are a great place to gain experience, the nature of these publications tends to make them predisposed to trying new things. An excellent resource for illustrators looking to promote to this market is the Association of Alternative Newspapers, it has listings of 130 newpapers and contact information including Art Directors.
Here is a link: