Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kyle Chow

Student Profile: 4th year design student

What interests you about design?
 For me, design is more than an aesthetic application, but a method of solving a specific problem. Each time I engage in a project I see it as this unique process where I am able to investigate new genres, disciplines and information – what could be more interesting than that? The ability to present either complex, extensive or pertinent information in a clear, effective and uniquely appropriate way is what drives my love for design.

What is your creative process? It all starts with books, imagery and word association. I start the creative process by developing a list of words associated with the project's objective. These words spark other ideas, which help break me away from literal translations. The thesaurus is also a pretty good friend of mine in the creative process. From there I search for images that inspire and support the conceptual direction for the project. I like to also sketch a few ideas and develop several roughs. After that I go to colleagues and mentors for feedback. There is nothing more valuable than to get a fresh set of eyes and perspective on any project. Once a final concept is chosen, it is all in the details. After the conceptualization stage, detailing and tweaking a project is one of my favourite things to do. It is here where everything comes together and man is sure rewarding!

How has your perspective changed before and after art school? I remember I used to view my surroundings passively and subjectively. Now, at the end of my art school career I see things more objectively and pick up on the details in everything from the corner store's layout, to a movie credit's typography. I guess I have developed a more critical perspective of the environment around me. I constantly question the success and failure of the designed world. The best thing to happen with a new perspective is how much more open eyes are, to really see things and possibility.

Project (Acreage Social Fare): 
A project I recently completed is was to develop an identity/packaging system. The idea and concept stemmed from my love of food. It was one of those lightbulb moments I guess.

The objective for this project was to develop a curated line of gourmet cheeses that would be readily available in high-end grocery stores. The product's goal is to pair the appropriate cheese with the consumers occasion.

The solution is an innovative identity system that provides regional cheese education, effective, versatile packaging, nostalgia and convenience with the name 'Acreage Social Fare'.

This project taught me a lot about the importance of a strong concept and its ability to translate into an effective, appropriate visual identity.