Friday, May 3, 2013

Final Project

By the last month of classes, students are mostly focused on putting together their portfolios, and/or they're running on fumes (it was rubber cement fumes in my time, but things have smartened up since then). So I though it would be good to do something different for the final project. Graduating from art college is another beginning and not an end! And like a good drawing it should start with a sketch. So to begin with I gave them a short writing assignment, write a short story based on a memory from childhood, and then draw it. 

Here are the super sketches they came up with in just a couple of hours:
(1) by Joanne Leung, what lurks under the sand box, (2) by Maria Stoian, tells a tale of a recovered hat and a lost friend, (3) by Nick Johnson, depicts a common fear for kids, (4) by Lyndon Navalta, a melancholy tale about an old pet, (5) by Dylan Mason, something to do (in an abstracted way) with the game connect four, (6) by Jenny Bonar, a sweet story about a new pet, (7) by Sara Borowski, a tire swing incident. Sara didn't like this sketch much, which is something I particularly like about sketchbooks. I think it's great, an undiscovered treasure which I hope she will rediscover if she looks back at this sketchbook someday.

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