Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jacqui Lee

Another ACAD alumni has a children's picture book coming out this month.

This time it is Murilla Gorilla illustrated by Jacqui Lee. It is to be officially released tomorrow (May 30) and published by Simply Read Books.

Murilla Gorilla, the jungle detective, is woken up by a new case: Ms. Chimpanzee’s muffins were stolen. But who did it? It’s up to Murilla to find out... as long as she can find her badge first! Murilla may seem like a hopeless detective—disorganized, messy and always thinking about her next snack—but out of her mess come some pretty good ideas, and some pretty funny moments too.

It is Jacqui's first book and looks worthwhile investigating! Visit the Simply Read Website HERE for more. And see more of Jacqui's work on her website,